Update: My YouTube channel debut


Long time no see… I have not been idle these past few months and have certainly not given up on my dedication to fighting herpes stigma. I just changed weapon.

I started this blog a year ago by saying I was not a writer nor a blogger and to keep adding to the list of my professional non-qualifications, I am not a filmmaker either. Yet, I started a YouTube channel.

There are things my writing weren’t conveying that video is. Have you ever heard the theory according to which only 7% of communication is verbal and the rest – 93% is body language and tone of voice? That’s all the richness I want to convey that my writing couldn’t capture. So instead of limiting myself to what I had started, I decided to keep experimenting and expand into new mediums.

But this blog isn’t going anywhere and videos are not replacing the posts! They’ll keep coming, just a little less frequently.

UPDATE: My videos totally replaced my posts. Visit my YouTube channel to get the most out of my work!


Check out my intro video, and stay tuned for more!