My first podcast interview


I had the pleasure to be interviewed for the Future of Sex, a podcast by Bryony Cole which explores how tech will shape the future of the one thing we all love to have but are reluctant to talk about: sex.

What to expect:

In my YouTube videos, I use my personal experience of having herpes to help fellow herpes positives embrace their herpes status. It’s a specific audience, with specific challenges, and unless you are a part of that audience chances are that the videos will be of little relevance to you.

In this podcast, Bryony pulled back the lens a notch and probed on what I have learned from being open about having herpes, the questions I get asked the most, the misconceptions I’ve heard from strangers I interviewed in public parks, unexpected situations I ran into at work, and more. Basically, if you’re curious to hear what happens when you let vulnerability own a part of your story, you’re in for a treat. My interview goes from around 20:00 through 39:45.

Other contributors:

Cindy Gallop, founder of Make Love Not Porn

Jared Matthew Weiss, founder of Touchpoint