My emotional journey since HSV2 diagnosis

Cambyo is a platform that fosters learning about sexuality through (amongst other things) publishing real life stories from real life people. Last month, they invited me to look back on my emotional journey since learning I had HSV2 to today, which surprisingly enough I had never taken the time to ponder over.

I found this ask particularly compelling as, since starting my YouTube channel, I have had the chance to read many stories of diagnosis, or struggle with acceptance from viewers. My answers are always grounded in my experience, except that experience was never available for anyone to read and hopefully relate to.

So here it is. The symptoms, the diagnosis, the many fears, the emotional cowardliness and dating fails, the newfound empowerment, and the advocacy. Hopefully, it will provide other HSV positives  with ways to deal with their diagnosis, and find peace with it through acceptance.

Find it here