Laureen is an outsider sex educator helping people living with STIs, with a special focus on herpes, cope with the stigma attached to it. Most salient trait: always asking more questions than there are answers!


Featured in: 

Elite Daily, 2020

Simone Media, (republished by Femme Actuelle) 2020

Huff Post, 2019

Curated by Girls, 2019

Buzzfeed, 2019

CNN, 2018

Bustle, 2018

Bustle, 2018

Bustle, 2018

Vice, 2017

Glamour, 2017

Future of Sex, 2016

Cosmopolitan, 2016


Work outside this blog:

YouTube, ongoing

Spectrum Journal, 2019

Spectrum Journal, 2019

La Femme Collective, 2018

Cycles + Sex (now All Bodies), 2018

Touchpoint, 2017

Cambyo, (republished on Spring st, Mamamia and Women You Should Know) 2016